Free VPN Servers For Android: Part II


PART II: VPN Proxy Master, SuperVPN Free VPN Client, Hola Free VPN Proxy, VyprVPN, SurfEasy Secure Android VPN

We continue talking about free VPN Android apps.

VPN Proxy Master-Free security

A very cool solution with 500 MB of monthly traffic, which can be expanded by installing partner applications. There are about 30 servers in Canada, the US, the UK, France, Singapore and the Netherlands. If you want to purchase a premium, you will receive about 15 servers marked “Turbo”.

In the settings you can choose which applications you want to enable VPN, and for which you can not, you can display a widget that will show how much traffic each application uses.

Premium VPN Master account is relatively cheap, VPN is fast enough, the service encodes data using OpenVPN protocols, there are many servers and the functionality itself is very pleased.
The free version disappoints only 500 MB of available traffic, and it can be increased not so much as, for example, in Tunnelbear.



SuperVPN Free VPN Client

SuperVPN Free VPN client is touted to be a safe, smart and convenient option for the Android users to surf the web while connected to a public Wi-Fi. Moreover, it promises to break the local barriers on online freedom, providing users with unrestricted access to the internet, including sites and content that they may not be permitted to view otherwise, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The free version of SuperVPN is simply stuffed with advertising, but it works well. You can use the application 20 days after the first start, and after the expiration of this period, for 60 minutes each session.

SuperVPN servers are in France, Canada, the USA and Germany, in the premium version available in Japan and England. The app comes with sleek and straightforward user interface with one-click protection and connectivity. The app is available at Play store and can be used to unblock unlimited on-demand entertainment sites on mobile including HBO, Fox Go, Netflix, Channel 7, Nine Network and more.



Hola Free VPN Proxy

Hola Free VPN Proxy is the Android app. It’s the free VPN service that lets users surf geoblocked  websites in their countries. The app works by securely caching content, providing it to users only when they need it. This means less internet congestion and quicker browsing. In fact, the more people using Hola Free VPN, the quicker the browsing!

The great thing is that there is just a huge number of countries available, traffic is not limited, there is no advertising, no one asks for a premium and it all works fast and absolutely free!

You may not notice the significant differences between the Hola VPN and other extensions from this list, however the mechanism of this service is completely different. Hola acts as a peer-to-peer service: the computers of the system participants are used as routers for data transmission. This was linked to a recent scandal, when the creators of Hola VPN were accused of selling traffic and the presence of vulnerabilities in their software


VPN – Fast, Secure & Unlimited WiFi with VyprVPN

In order to use VyprVPN, you need to create an account. After that, a link will be sent to your e-mail, after which you activate your account. After that, log into the application and you can start using it.

Monthly you are given 500 MB for free, which is quite small. But this can be fixed by inviting friends, thereby increasing this limit to 2 GB. In all other respects this is one of the most advanced VPN-services. There are a huge number of servers in dozens of countries around the world, the application encodes data using OpenVPN protocols and personally developed Chameleon, and also encrypts them using 256-bit encryption. Experienced users will like these features and many other options available.

You can also configure VyprVPN for individual applications, add “trusted” networks and choose when to include this VPN. VyprVPN is a good free VPN servers for Android.



SurfEasy Secure Android VPN

A very simple VPN service for smartphones and tablets on Android. In order to use it you need to create an account. From the available countries are Australia, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Norway, Singapore, France and Japan.

Every month, you get free 500 MB of traffic, which you can increase by inviting friends, installing affiliate applications, etc. And there is no advertising itself. There are also no settings, below shows how many megabytes you used.


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